Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Udi’s Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe




1 loaf of Udi’s Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread
1 loaf of Udi’s White Sandwich Gluten Free Bread
1/4 cup of fresh flat-leaf parsley
3 tablespoons of fresh sage
1 cup of unsalted butter or margarine
minced Garlic
2 onions (or 1 large onion)
1/2 cup of chopped fennel
1/2 cup of chopped celery
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup low sodium chicken broth


Lightly butter each side of Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain & White Sandwich breads. Broil Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain & White Sandwich Bread till slightly brown/toasted. Allow bread to cool completely on a wire rack.(we just let a kiddo feel uber helpful and toast the bread two by two. Put bread in a Ziploc bag and slightly break toasted bread into bread crumbs (or cut into pieces). Place in bowl with parsley, sage, salt and pepper. Melt butter in a 12-inch heavy skillet over medium heat; add onions and Garlic and saute until onions are softened. Add fennel and celery, stirring occasionally until vegetables are soft. Transfer vegetables to bowl with the toasted Udi’s gluten free bread crumbs. Add eggs, stock, and gently toss. Transfer mixture to a buttered shallow baking dish. Bake, covered, in middle of oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. To brown the stuffing, uncover and bake for an additional 20 minutes.

Simple GLUTEN FREE Shortbread Cookie Crust.


1 package of Any Good Gluten free Shortbread Cookies.
I like these:

3 Tablespoon butter, melted


  • Finely crush cookies in a medium bowl.

  • Stir in the butter.

  • Lightly coat a 9-inch pie pan with butter or non-stick cooking spray.

  • Firmly press cookie crumbs on the pan completely covering the pan; bake in an oven for 350 degrees for 6-19 minutes, or until slightly brown; cool until ready to be used.  Can be frozen.

  • Pour in desired pie filling.
  • Bake pie as directed.

Gluten Free Jalapeno Artichoke Dip

Jalapeno Artichoke Dip

2 cans artichoke hearts, (reserve liquid)
2 1/2 jalapenos, minced
1/2 c. mayo
1/2 c. cream cheese
1 c. Parmesan cheese, grated
8 oz. mozzarella cheese, grated
1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes

Drain the artichoke hearts, but reserve the liquid.  Roughly chop the artichokes, and then add all ingredients to a large pot over medium low heat. Stir ingredients frequently as they warm to prevent burning. Artichoke liquid may be added as needed to thin out the dip. Once the dip is heated through and the cheese has melted, pour the dip into a preheated slow cooker for serving.

*borrowed from Gluten Free Cooking School


altered and tweaked a little from COOKS.COM

2 c. crushed gluten free pretzels
 3/4 c. melted butter
3 tbsp. sugar
8 oz. cream cheese
1 c. sugar
8 oz. Cool Whip
1 (6 oz.) pkg. strawberry or Raspberry Jello (can use sugar free)
2 c. boiling water
2 (10 oz.) pkgs. frozen Raspberry's, partially thawed
Mix first three ingredients and press in bottom of a 9"x13" pan. Bake at 350 degrees (metal pan) or 325 degrees (glass pan) 8 minutes. Let cool completely. Beat 1 cup sugar and cream cheese. Fold in Cool Whip. Spread over pretzels. Mix Jello and water until dissolved. Add berries. Stir into Jello, then set aside for 10 minutes. Pour over cheese mixture. Chill.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Potato Salad w/ Avacado, Pistacio's and Cran raisens

This is a recipe tweaked a lil' from my AMAZING friend Barbara Dunn. My kids eat it up like candy, and it is a an amazingly beautiful salad, whole-foodalicious, and a Kick-A alternative to those sugary thanksgiving Yams or Sweet Potato's.....I PROMISE this salad will knock your socks off....If I can find a picture, I will add it later.<3 br="br">
You will need:

Fresh Rosemary

Sea Salt
1 cup dried cranberries, 

3 cubed avocado's,
 half a red onion chopped. 
4 large peeled, cubed steamed Sweet Potato's. 
 2/3 cup Shelled Pistachio's.

 Directions: Place cubed baked potato on a cookie sheet or in a glass pan, drizzle with olive oil ,then toss with rosemary and sea salt. Broil in Oven on high for about 10 minutes, check on every 2 minutes so they do not burn, done when you can pierce easily with a fork....pour in a glass bowl and chill in the refrigerator while prepping the rest of the food. When chilled, toss everything in together mix well and add dressing.

Toss with dressing of:

  2/3c Maple Syrup, 1/4 c Balsamic Vinegar , juice of 1/2 lemon , T olive oil. Let the flavors rest together and serve.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 hours, 1 chicken, a couple veggies and a Crock Pot

I have a new recipe I am IN LOVE WITH!!! It is easy and fast and delicious and healthy and walks me right into the makings of yet another meal...It is the perfect Sunday Dinner or Cozy Fall Dinner meal. AND it makes your house smell fantastic.

I love whole food's meals I can fix and walk away from.The chicken was so tender and pull apart savory.This easy-peesey meal has become part of my dinner mealtime rotation.

 Found at :

The Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot


  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne (red) pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
    (OR FORGO ALL of this and sprinkle the dickens (yes this is a cooking term) all over the chicken with KIRKLAND Organic salt free seasoning and sea salt.....)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 large chicken


  1. Combine the dried spices in a small bowl.
  2. Loosely chop the onion and place it in the bottom of the slow cooker.
  3. Remove any giblets from the chicken and then rub the spice mixture all over. You can even put some of the spices inside the cavity and under the skin covering the breasts.
  4. Put prepared chicken on top of the onions in the slow cooker, cover it, and turn it on to high. There is no need to add any liquid.
  5. Cook for 4 – 5 hours (for a 3 or 4 pound chicken) or until the chicken is falling off the bone. Don’t forget to make your homemade stock with leftover bones!!!

     Overnight Chicken Stock in the Crock Pot


  6. Leftover Chicken Bones from Recipe from above..or even make this from your rotisserie chicken you bought in a hurry for last nights dinner. or carcass roughly equivalent to one small or medium sized chicken
  7. 1 onion, peeled and loosely chopped
  8. 1 rib of celery, roughly chopped
  9. 1 carrot, roughly chopped (no need to peel)
  10. 1 bay leaf
  11. 1 sprig fresh parsley
  12. 1 sprig fresh thyme
  13. Salt, to taste
    Note: If you are missing any of these ingredients I wouldn’t let that stop you from making it anyway.

Stock Directions

  1. After removing all edible meat from the chicken put/leave the bones, skin, cooking juices, etc. in the crock pot. If you are using the chicken carcass from the “The Best Whole Chicken in the Crock Pot” recipe just leave every single thing that’s leftover (except the good meat of course) in the crock pot including the original onion and spices you used when making the chicken.
  2. Add the onion, celery, carrot and spices on top of the bones and fill the crock pot almost to the top with tap water (leaving about 1/2” at the top).
  3. Turn the slow cooker onto “low” after dinner and cook all night long or alternatively you could start it in the morning and cook on “low” for 8 – 10 hours during the day.
  4. After the stock is done cooking turn off the heat and, using a soup ladle, pass the stock through a fine sieve to remove all herbs/bones/etc. Either refrigerate or freeze the stock for future use. I usually freeze some in both 1 and 2-cup portions, and I also sometimes freeze stock in ice cube trays just in case I just “need a little” for making sauce or rice.
  5. This stock is great in soups like chicken noodle soup and also in rice like risotto. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Killer Gluten Free Pasta Salad

Soooo The Family is making some epic diet changes coming up in September. I have been Gluten Free since last October ( other than a couple mishaps, and some on purpose indulging that was SOOOO not worth it), but after reading and researching The Crapito Family is going Gluten and Refined Sugar Free in September. If it makes a dent in the behavioral, ADHD , Sensory Processing, and Diabetes raging in our home, I will be sold...and why not try this first before adding extra meds?

So tonight I made my favorite Pasta Salad, sans Gluten, and ya know one said ANYTHING...
so here ya go:

You will need:
Tinkyada Penne Pasta (or another GF Pasta you like) Boiled for 17 minutes and drained and cooling
5 Fresh Carrots Peeled and Chopped
1 Jar Artichoke Hearts in Olive Oil chopped (I LOVE Costco's)
1/2 Jar Sundried Tomatoes Chopped
Calamata olives chopped (to taste)
1/2 Red Onion or 8 Green Onions chopped (I used both)
1 boiled peeled and chopped yam
1/2 bottle Annies Roasted Pepper all nateral Salad Dressing
2 springs Basil
2 Sprigs Rosemary
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
Ground Peper
Fresh Parmesan Cheese

Directions: Boil, Drain and chill your pasta in the fridge. (Do not cook till mushy, let be aldente or your salad will be slimy) cut and peel your veggies, drain your artichokes and Tomato and cut up)
Toss everything together besides the cheese and salt and pepper (add these prior to serving)
Chill everything in Fridge for at least 2-3 hours.
and WHALA!!!!
Great "next day dish" as well.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gluten-Free Meatballs or Meatloaf...

Found here.
Of course, this is only a template for you to build your own meatballs. Make these once and experiment. Oh, and here’s a hint: This recipe also makes a mighty meatloaf. I altered it from the original resipe
( I tripple and freeze in Gallon baggies)

1 pound ground pork
1 pound ground beef
2 large eggs
1/2 cup gluten-free finely ground breadcrumbs ( I  used Glutino Crackers smashed well)
2 cloves garlic, finely sliced
2 teaspoons fine-chopped fresh Italian seasonings
1/2 teaspoon fine-chopped fresh thyme
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
Juice of 1/2 large lemon
1 teaspoon each kosher salt and cracked black pepper
Preparing to cook.
Bring the pork, beef, eggs, and mustard to room temperature.
Mixing the meatballs. Put all the ingredients into a large bowl. Mix them together with your hands. Be careful to not overmix — this is not like creaming butter and sugar together. Instead, fold the ingredients over each other, gently, until they are just combined.
Making the taster. Set a large cast-iron skillet (or sauté pan) over medium-high heat. Add 1 teaspoon of the olive oil. Form a small patty with the meat. Add it to the hot oil. Cook until the patty is firm and browned on both sides, about 2 minutes. Let it rest out of the pan for a moment to cool. Taste. Adjust the seasonings if necessary.
Forming the meatballs. Gently, roll the meat into 2-ounce balls. (These make large meatballs. If you want smaller ones, try 1-ounce meatballs.)
Flash Freeze: On cookie sheet lined with wax paper...for 2 hours, bag in Gallon Baggies (I like 25-30 meatballs per bag)

Crock pot: Spay Crock-pot or rub down with Olive oil, set on low, add meatballs, and your favorite sauce (marinara, Sweet and Sour)...cook on low for 4 hours, serve over Rice, or Noodles. :0)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fluffly Coconut Flour Pancakes

I found this recipe here.

Fluffly Coconut Flour Pancakes

Recipe Notes: Both cow and coconut milk work well in this recipe. You can also add cinnamon or fruit as desired. Just keep the pancakes small and watch them so they don’t burn.
  • 4 eggs, room temperature
  • 1 cup milk (raw cow’s or coconut both work)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon honey or a pinch of stevia
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • coconut oil or butter for frying
  1. Preheat griddle over medium-low heat. In a small bowl beat eggs until frothy, about two minutes. Mix in milk, vanilla, and honey or stevia.
  2. In a medium-sized bowl combine coconut flour, baking soda, and sea salt and whisk together. Stir wet mixture into dry until coconut flour is incorporated.
  3. Grease pan with butter or coconut oil. Ladle a few tablespoons of batter into pan for each pancake. Spread out slightly with the back of a spoon. The pancakes should be 2-3 inches in diameter and fairly thick. Cook for a few minutes on each side, until the tops dry out slightly and the bottoms start to brown. Flip and cook an additional 2-3 minutes.
  4. Serve hot with butter, coconut oil, honey, syrup, or fruit.