Friday, June 25, 2010

Homemade Fruit Leather

If your kids are anything like mine ....SNACKS are NOT optional...they are as important as the AIR they breath...please tell me I am not the ONLY mom whose life revolves around the short people needing to feed again.
String Cheese, baggies of Granola, Cut up fruit, name it they WILL eat it.
Well tired of the whole "fruit snack" movement...what the he%# are in those things anyway?...I found this recipe and thought "Ya Boss"...

So here goes...and I KNOW what they are putting in those beautiful busy bodies!
Thank you my "Sandra Lee, Semi-Homemade Cool kids Cooking Book"!

Items Needed:
1 bag (16 oz) desired loose-pack frozen fruit, thawed*
Sugar (optional) * I use organic

Preheat oven to 140 degrees F or warm setting.Loosely line a 17x12 inch rimmed baking sheet with plastic wrap,leaving extra plastic wrap draping over edges, set aside.

Place thawed fruit in a blender.
Blend up on Puree. Scrape side and make sure everything is completely blended up and smooth...

Next pour in pan...tilt pan back and forth until the bottom of pan is evenly covered.

Place baking pan in preheated oven. leave oven door open about 4-6 inches to allow moisture to escape.

Dry fruit for about 6 hours or until middle of puree is barley sticky...

Place on wire rack and cool completely.

To remove from pan, peel plastic wrap back back. Working from one of the short ends, roll fruit leather up, peeling back the plastic wrap as you go.

Cut up into single serving size with a sharp knife.

Store in Airtight container: or Gallon size baggie (hello am I the only person on earth whose Tupperware lids disappear?)they can stay at room temperature for up to 3 weeks, refrigerator, for two months..or freezer for three!

If you are using fruits that tend to brown such as peaches...add a table spoon of lemon juice to Blender...

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  1. My grown up son told me that he was reading dreadful things about the "standards" for frozen fruit, like in what percentage mold was allowed. (Large percentage.) Anyway, that was enough for me; I now freeze my own fruit!