Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vegetarian Black Bean, Cilantro-Lime Mangolishious Burgers

Say that bad boy five times fast!
Sooo Simple and Yummy! Confession, in my younger years this Hippie, was a vegetarian for 3 years…and once the rainoids, and anemia set in…I once again became a MEAT girl…but, this dinner was gobbled by the kiddies and the grown-ups.
P.S. For the pure Carnivores I have faith these wouldn’t be to shabby with plain old hamburger patties either….(I might add a lil chili powder and Cumin to the meat though)…

*Tad bit Spicy Alert*.

Items Needed:
I box ala Costco of Morning Star Chipolte Black Bean Burgers
1 bag (ala Costco as well) Oro-wheat Sandwich thins… (We use these for EVERYTHING, with a lil’ fella with diabetes they limit the carbs…now I’m feeling guilty about the doughnut post)

For toppings:

*Cilanto-Lime Dressing
2/3 cup Mayo
2/3 cup Sour Cream
3-4 Tables spoon Lime Juice
Handful of chopped Cilantro
*whisk together

*Grilled Mango tossed on the grill next to the Burgers
Or Mango Salsa… (since I was being creative…all we had was Salsa, Grilled Pineapple slices would be killer on this too)

*Fresh Lettuce

*Sliced Monterey Jack Cheese

DON”T DEFROST Burgers …throw em on the grill Rock Solid COLD…grill according to directions…add cheese slices a minute to the end…
I like my buns toasty …so I toss em face down on the grill for a minute or two.
Spread the Cilantro-Lime Dressing on booth faces of bread; add burger, mango, and lettuce…
I cut all of ours in half to make them easier for munching…ENJOY!

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