Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Green Chili Enchilada's

Super YUMMY AND SUPER EASY! Just use the Bajio Chicken as the filling with a lil' added Monterrey Jack cheese...
So I have always been curious about the Green Store Bought Enchilada Sauce..I am a die hard Rosarita Red Sauce fan...but too cheap to just buy a can and try it out until my friend Corrie brought a can on ova...and let me just say that was a start of a beautiful new recipe..and my kids LOVED em.

You see we use the Bajio Sweet Green Chili Chicken Recipe for Nacho's, Burritos...and well I Generally have a crock-pot going ...or a bag of Sweet Chicken Bliss just waiting in my freezer...

So here ya go...

Whole Wheat or White Flour Tortilla's
Corn Tortilla's ( I think they freeze better)
Shredded Mexican Cheese
Green Encahlada Sauce
a crock pot of Bajio Chicken

fill em' up with the Bajio Chicken
Sprinkle the top with cheese
(Stick a small slice of Cream Cheese (if you have some) on top
rolle em' up
Put them them in a pan with Green Enchilada sauce half an inch poured in bottom.
Fill up the pan with rolled friends until full...cover with the green stuff again.

Sprinkle cheese over the whole sha-bang .
and...Bake at 350 for half an hour...

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