Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dip-Dip on... I Promise

Soo how many times a week does the "Dang it's really five and I have to make dinner again" blues, hit you square in the face.Yeah welcome to my world Grandma,and I have ten people sitting down at my dinner table. UGH.
Well a SURE fire dinner at my house is "Dip-Dip Night", more highly regarded then even "Pizza Night", not kidding!

What ya'll need:
On the way home from work have your Hubie pick up a:

2 loaves whole grain Baguette ( toast and slice)
1 bag Tortilla chips...

Now for your dips:
Queso~ Like you get from Chili's (click here for recipe)
Pesto (click here for recipe)
Ranch (from your tray)

See the before and after....yeah ...try it, love it...thank me later.


  1. I clicked for Pesto and Questo and there was no link?

  2. I like this idea. Thanks.... Only the darned vegie trays are so expensive, I'll have to clean and cut....still, that's easier than most things! And, meatless for Friday!