Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I use my standard bread recipe for everything I make I will give you that and then what I do for the Focacia,THE BEST rolls!  This makes a BIG ball of dough ...I mix it in my Boche mixer. The rolls you DON'T even have to knead..just pull the dough straight out of the mixer!!!!

 10-12 cups Flour ( depending on my mood I use white, wheat or half and half)
1/2 cup sugar
5 Cups warm water
1 cup dry milk
1 cube melted
1 Table spoon salt
3 TBsp Dry FAST acting yeast (Not just active yeast but fast acting) 

In Bread Mixing Machine Add water, Milk, & Melted butter & 5 cups flour  Mix for one minute....allow to be on lowest setting as you add1 cup flour, Salt, & Yeast. Scrape side of Mixer and mix a little longer.Then while the mixer is on slowly begin adding cups of Flour. Usually I end up adding between 5 to six cups.Once the the dough is all completely pulled away from the mixing bowl you don't need anymore flour. Put lid on Mixer and mix on speed number two for 4 minutes.Once it is finished I cover the counter top with oil, If I am making regular bread I use Veggie oil, if I am making peperoni rolls and Focacia i use Olive oil.

I remove the Dough and knead it on the counter. What ever dough I am using a rework it on the counter top for a couple of minutes. I separate the Dough and what I am not using I cover with a hot wet dish towel.This recipe yields, 5 loaves of bread, or two cookie sheets of rolls and one loaf of bread.

Usually I make I cookie sheet of pepperoni rolls, one cookie sheet of cinnamon rolls and a loaf of regular bread or Focacia. 

For the Focacia , I knead it pretty well , oil down my Pizza stone and work the dough like I would pizza creating a round even circle.Once it is pretty even I add a little Olive oil to the top and create a lot of dimples in the top of the dough with my hands. Then comes the toppings you can use what ever you like , most of the things I like to add are, seat salt, fresh chopped Basil , lots of Rosemary, Fresh Chopped Garlic ( I use the minced in water garlic you can buy in a jar, it is sooo yummy toasted into the bread), dried onions or fresh chopped green onions, sun dried tomatoes, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Toasted really is up to you.

I then dimple the bread again...and bake it at 350 for about 30 minutes.After it has cooled I use a pizza cutter and slice into wedges.

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